New York Times - June 6, 19442014 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Invasion and Liberation of France from Nazi Germany during World War II.  On D-Day, June 6, 1944, the greatest military invasion in known history commenced on the northwestern shores of France, marking the beginning of the end of Adolf Hitler’s tyrannical regime.

Music Celebrations International is pleased to present D-Day 70 Concerts, the formal production of musical performances to take place throughout 2014 in France and Washington, D.C. to memorialize this solemn anniversary, and to celebrate the many freedoms enjoyed by the world today – thanks to the men and women who served, fought and gave their lives during this pivotal moment in human history.

Music Celebrations is pleased to have the support of the American Veterans Center and recognition from local officials in Normandy and Paris.  In addition to producing hundreds of concerts for music ensembles, several large scale musical productions will take place on D-Day and throughout the year.